O nama

Blist LLC was founded in year 1992 and is 100% privately owned by its founders.

Company Blist mainly produce as follows:

  • solid fuel stoves and fireplaces
  • electric al quartz heaters step-ladders
  • metal racks and cabinets ironing boards
  • clothe dryers home barbeques
  • other metal accessories
  • as well as import and distribution of goods that are comparable with the product line of metal accessories.

The company possess a property with manufacturing halls and offices in the industrial zone in Valjevo, including modern and fully equipped machine workshop for sheet metal processing, as well as modern automatic line for surface protection. Also, the company owns business properties in the center of Valjevo. The company possess fast and efficient transportation service, which operates mainly on Serbian territory.

Commercial and technical departments are composed of experienced and highly skilled professionals who are able to satisfy all specific requirements of our customers.

Preduzeće dugi niz godina uspešno posluje kako na tržištima Srbije i ostalih Balkanskih zemalja, tako i na trzistu EU, Rusije i Baltičkih zemalja.
Svi naši proizvodi poseduju odgovarajuće domaće i međunarodne ateste i sertifikate o kvalitetu i bezbednosti proizvoda.

Vision and goals of the company

Blist Company LLC in its operations seeks to achieve maximum cost-effectiveness and efficiency, while fully satisfying all specific customer requirements, together with high quality of its products. Orientation towards customers is expressed by constant monitoring of their requirements, expanding the product range and the continuous improvement of product quality. We are open to all stakeholders – customers, suppliers, employees.

Our goal is a modern organized company with a dynamic investment cycle in new production capacities, technology, expansion of the production program and the introduction of the necessary quality systems and control procedures which will increase the competitiveness of company. Increasing the export capacity of the company and achieving the leading position in our field of interest.

We encourage teamwork, because we believe that this is the way that everyone contribute to the project as much as possible with their professional knowledge and experience.